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Engineering Machinery

The impact-resistant, -resistant, high-strength self-lubricating bearings developed by RCB not only solve the problem of lubrication, but also reduce noise and extend the service life, especially equipment that operates in harsh mines and field operations; such as the size arm bearings of excavators , Chassis walking mechanism, hydraulic oil pump, etc. RCB


Various types of sliding bearings of the RCB brand are widely used in chassis systems, body systems, and hydraulic systems of engineering machinery and construction machinery. JF-MP friction welding bushing are used for supporting wheels, carrier sprockets, and guide wheels; bimetallic and SF series bushings are used for pump truck booms, connecting rods, legs and other parts; JDB series solid inlaid lubrication series bushing, it is used for the boom, stick, amplitude modulation mechanism, oil cylinder and other parts.